In This Section

Year 6

The teachers in this year group are:

Miss Parker - Alps

Mrs Neville - Pyrenees

Mr Burd - Rockies

The teaching assistants in this year group are:

Mrs Shiels

Mrs Howell

Mrs Barrett

Pupil Leaders

Our year sixes are our future leaders and we give them the guidance and the responsibilities to help them develop their leadership skills through our pupil voice roles of Head Boy, Head Girl, the Pupil Leadership Team, and House Captains.

We are so proud of them all for their incredible speeches and bravery in overcoming nerves to deliver them. It was close, but the votes are in!

Head Boy: Luke

Head Girl: Isabel

Deputy Head Boy: Oscar, Oakley

Deputy Head Girl: Louisa, Evie-Jean

Assistant Heads: Leon, Gemini, Sarah-Marie, Riley K


Autumn Term:

Based on parent feedback, we are all using Education City to set homework as much as possible this year. There will be a range of activities set up for your child's weekly homework covering a mixture of reading, spelling, maths and science across the term. There will occasionally be other whole school competitions and year group projects that are sent home to take part in. Weekly spellings will be used where appropriate with a spelling test to check them.

All homework and spellings will be set on a Friday and should be completed by the following Thursday. Children should ask for any help needed prior to the Thursday due date.

The more you can support your child to be independent and settled into a good routine with this, the easier they will find it making the transition to secondary school and the increased expectations and quantity of homework.

Spring Term:

When we enter the Spring Term, we will be helping the children to revise and prepare for their SATs. Every child has been provided with 6 revision guides to support them; they need to take good care of them and ensure they are in school every day. Each week children will complete sections as they cover them in class. Then certain pages will be marked for them to complete each week for revision. These will always have been taught in class that week so please encourage your child to work out what they need to do. If they need help, they should ask their class teacher.

BBC Bitesize is a great resource to help them practise areas of the Key Stage 2 curriculum. None of the children need to worry about SATs, it checks their understanding of their learning froms years 3 to 6.