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Year 5

Computer Game


The teachers in this year group are:

Miss Evans- Java

Mr Khan - Coral

Mrs Garbutt - Caspian

The TAs in our year group are:

Mrs Hill

Miss Joyce

Mrs Musicka

Miss Harry

Homework will be given out every Friday and will be due in the following Thursday. Please remember that you can always ask for help from your class teacher or any of the adults in year 5. We will try to set lots of our homework tasks on the wonderful online programmes we have. If you struggle to get online to complete them, please do not worry we can find some time in school for you.

We will also be trying to save on paper a little and will therefore be sending home homework tasks in homework diaries wherever possible. So please ensure homework diaries are in school every day.


Homework due 17/10/19

Spellings - For your spellings this week you need to learn the plural endings for different words. Then you can practise adding the correct ending to each of your words.

Remember these rules and then apply them:

  • Most nouns add ‘-s’ in the plural.
  • Nouns ending in a hissing/buzzing/shushing sound add ‘-es’ because it makes

it easier to say.

  • Nouns ending in ‘-y’ change the ‘y’ to ‘i’ and add ‘-es’
  • Several nouns ending in ‘o’ add ‘-es’ (potato), but newer words just add ‘-s’ (radio).


bus balloon party
worry school potato
cup box patch
try lunch meal
baby fish word
city rope  

Education City homework due 14/11/19

Your homework this week is set on Education City. There is a science activity about the sun, Earth and moon. There is a maths activity about dividing and multiplying by 10 and there are two English activities about fronted adverbials and relative clauses. Remember to watch any instructions first or search on the website for videos that will help you.

Remember you can access your TT Rockstars account and your Education City account any time at home and practise any skills you like. Here are the links for both:

Education City Login                                      

TT Rockstars login

Garden House Hospice Project

Some children in Year 5 have been lucky enough to take part in an exciting community project with the Garden House Hospice in Letchworth. The children visited the hospice for three consecutive Fridays and took part in some really valuable experiences. They were able to meet some wonderful people that visited the hospice for support, interaction and general enjoyment as well as the many amazing people that work and volunteer at the Hospice. Without these incredible people, Garden House Hospice would not be the wonderful place it is. The children were able to learn about all of the amazing work the hospice does as well as build some special friendships with some of the people there. Everyone throuroughly enjoyed the project and we do hopre to be invited back again soon!



Mini Police Project

Year 5 have been taking part in a mini police project with our local PCSO, Ed. Each week we have been learning about a different topic including antisocial behaviour, online safety, road safety and looking after our community. Ed has brought in some exciting equipment including a bleep test, equipment used in raids and a speed gun which we were able to use to keep an eye on the local traffic!