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Year 2


The teachers in this year group are:

Mrs Massey - Rainbowfish

Miss Ratty - Starfish

Miss Venneear - Jellyfish

Curriculum Overviews

Academic Year 2018-2019
 Autumn Term 1 2018
 Autumn Term 2 2018
 Spring Term 1 2019
 Spring Term 2 2019
 Summer Term 1 2019
 Summer Term 2 2019

Homework - due 3/10/19


We have been learning about present and past tenses. We have learnt that when things have happened already we need to use the past tense, however, if it is something we are currently doing it is the present tense. For your homework we would like you to identify if the verbs being used in the sentences are present or past tense.

Present tense - actions happening now.

Past tense - actions that have already happened.

Verb - actions (doing words)


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This week in Maths we have been learning about place value. For your homework we would like you to identify the value that is missing to complete the number.

Place value - the value of each digit within a number.


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Each child will have their individual spellings to learn. Please try to learn these words over the week. The spellings will be tested on Monday so please ensure their Monster Phonic spelling book is in their book bag.

This week we are focusing on the 'c' making the 's' sound.



Please read with your child every day for 10 minutes and sign in their Monkey Reading Record.

Please play phonics games with your child to help retain the different sounds. There are free games and resources on:

We also have books set on Bug Club which have been tailored to each individual child. We are in the process of providing each child with their login which will be coming home shortly.