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Our class teacher is

mrs Sinclair.





Our Autumn Topic is...


A Walk On The Wild Side

English, Reading and Spelling  


Poetry:  We will read a wide range of riddles and also write our own ones about different animals we are exploring through our topic.


Non-Fiction Reports: We will explore features of both chronological and non-chronological reports and write our own reports on how to save hedgehogs and their declining habitats.

Grammar: possessive apostrophes; singular nouns; proper nouns;

Spelling: statutory spelling list; words ending in –sure; homophones; personal tricky spellings.

We will also be reading a range of rich texts that link to our topic such as...

Image result for how to help a hedgehog and protect a polar bear                Image result for the hodgeheg




Number Fluency – multiplication and division facts; counting in multiples of 6, 7, 9, 25 and 100; mental and written addition and subtraction.

Exploring Place Value – review, estimation, rounding, magnitude

In Big maths/CLIC sessions we will now split into 5 CLIC groups to focus on specific skills that we require, based on the CLIC level we are on in Big Maths. Each daily session will either teach a new skill or consolidate skills to broaden our understanding of a concept.


Understanding Science and Technology 

Science: We will be investigating living things and their habitats through fun and practical activities.  In particular we will explore and use classification keys to help us group and identify a variety of living things in our local and wider environment.  We will also be learning facts about the water cycle and its role in nature. 

DT:  We will be creating bug or hedgehog houses to support the school environment and encourage animals to call it home. We will also be cooking toffee apples to celebrate Harvest.

Computing:  we will be using search engines to research our topic and use a range of software to present our work for different purposes.


Understanding Arts and Culture

Art: we will explore wire sculptures through the work of Giacometti and create our own animal sculptures made out of tinfoil and wire.

Music: we will listen to Carnival of the Animals and use a range of musical terminology to describe what we hear.


Understanding the World

Geography: we will be learning all about our local environment with a practical field study of Fairlands, including making our own maps with grid references and keys

History:  we will learn about the history of Fairlands Valley park and other important habitats in Stevenage. We will also explore key facts about the life of David Attenborough

RE:  we will be comparing differences in the harvest festivals celebrated by Christians, Muslims and Sikhs

Spanish:  we will be practising colours, greetings and numbers to 100
Understanding our Health and Well-Being

Image result for Healthy Food Clipart


PE:  we will be dancing this term, focusing on our awareness of position, control, timing and sequence

PSHCE: we will be learning about ‘Being Me in My Own World’ and how to be good school citizens



Our Class Representatives 

School Council:

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Our Star of the Week is ….


Our Star Reader is ….


Our Star Mathematician is ….


Our Lunch time Star is ….