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Welcome to Squirrel Class!

Our Teacher is Miss Aulsberry.

Our Teaching Assistants are Mrs Murkin and Miss Brewster.


During this unusual period, we will continue to set work on our learning platforms:

-Education City

-Marvellous Me

-Bug Club

-As well as on the Reception homepage.

Please see your child’s monkey book for logins for each website. If you need any further assistance with logins or would like to send any work your child has completed, get in contact with your child’s teaching using their class email address.

Curriculum Coverage

Here is the curriculum coverage for this half term:

Communication and Language:

•       Discussing changes in our environment.

•       Key workers reviews and assessments.

•       Retelling known stories.

•       Using Big Talk to develop language skills and sentence structure.

•       Discussing how our families lived in the past compared to how we live now, e.g. technology, food, clothes.

•       Discussing the different religions and cultures of children in our class.

Physical Development:

•       The importance of healthy eating.

•       Travelling along various apparatus with skill and control.

•       Handles a range of wood work tools effectively and safely.

Physical Education:

•       Using a range of catching, throwing, balancing skills in preparation for Sports Day.

•       Understanding how to start and finish a race in response to a whistle.

•       Look at good sportsmanship when supporting our friends during Sports Day.


•       Using our phonic knowledge to write short sentences about our Easter holidays.

•       Story writing- shared and independent writing of a recount of a well known class favourite. The children will make their own books including a front cover and illustrations throughout.

•       Continue guided reading sessions to develop comprehension skills.

•       Continue guided writing sessions to help develop fine motor skills and sentence structure. Using alphabet mats to support their understanding.


•       Doubling numbers to 10.

•       Exploring capacity, weight and length.

•       Understanding the importance and the value of money

•       Introducing Big Maths (timed) in preparation for Year 1.

•       Looking at denes and tens to represent larger numbers.

•       Focusing on numbers bonds to 10.

•       Looking at our own maths problems to help the children use resources to find their own answers.

Music of the week

•       The children are continuing to develop their music knowledge by listening to various artists over each week. They are learning how to listen carefully to identify different instruments and tap beats using body percussion.


•       We have rescheduled the arrival of the ducklings for the 1st June but will review this date nearer the time.

Understanding the World:

•       Planting and growing seeds.

•       The past and the present- sharing photographs of our family members from the past and making observations on their toys, clothes, etc.

•       Learning about the different cultures and religions of the children in our class.

•       Using iPads to take photographs of the wildlife in our outside environment.

•       Using BeeBots to create a range of algorithms.

•       Looking at the life cycle of a duck.

Personal, Social and Emotional Development:

•       Looking at how we can show respect towards others cultures, religion and values.

•       The importance of team work and compassion when taking part in competitions.

•       Focusing on how we can respect the views of others and resolve minor conflicts.

Expressive Arts and Design:

•       Manipulating clay to make models of mini-beasts and wildlife that we find in our outside area.

•       Woodwork- learning about the importance of safety when using real tools.

•       Using watercolours to make front covers for our story books.

•       Junk models- looking at the design and making process, linking to the children's interests in the structure of a building.


Fun and Helpful Websites

Below are some videos and websites that will help support your child's learning. 

Squirrel Class Achievements

Each week we award a Star Reader, Star Mathematician and a Star of the Week from Squirrel class. This will be announced during Celebration Assembly and your child will get to go up in front of the whole school and receive a prize.  Details will go out in the school newsletter, and will also be posted here. Watch this space!