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This page will be regularly updated for the parents and pupils of Savannah class. If you do have any questions or concerns, please speak to Mrs Muhith on the playground at the beginning of the day.


Welcome to Savannah Class! 

Our teacher is Mrs Muhith

Our TAs are Mrs Tyack, Mrs Hossen and Mrs Stanton.

As a class, we have elected students to represent us in school meetings, they help decide what happens in school. If we have extra wishes or worries, we can put them in the wish and worry box in class.

Our School Council Representative is Mela 

Our Eco Council Representative is Lucas

Our Rights Respecting School Representative is Ruby P



Persuasive Writing: we will read the classic poem ‘The Spider and the Fly’ and write a letter to convince the fly why she should or should not enter the Spider’s parlour.

Report Writing:  we will read the Roald Dahl story ‘The Minpins’ and write a report about the fictional creatures, ‘The Minpins’ and their habitat.

Explanations: we will read the book of activities ‘Go Wild in the Woods’

Grammar: expressing time place and cause using prepositions, headings and subheadings, paragraphs and inverted commas for direct speech.

Spelling: we are recapping some of the key spelling rules and sounds that we need to secure for further year 3 spellings.

We will also be reading a range of rich texts that link to our topic


Calculation – use concrete resources and pictures to multiply and divide.

Problem solving – Solve simple multiplication and division problems written in words.

Fractions –  find fractions of discrete and continuous quantities, order and compare fractions with the same denominator.

Big Maths – challenges every week

Understanding Science and Technology

Science: we will learn about different types of rocks and explore where we might find them around the school.

DT:  we will research different insects and use wire to create an exciting insect sculpture.

Understanding the World

Geography: we will be exploring the woodland area in school and identifying the creatures that live in that environment.

RE:  we will be exploring Hindu and Christian ideas about identity, community and religious leadership.

Spanish:  we will ask and answer simple questions in Spanish.

Understanding Arts and Culture

Art: we will practise using charcoal to create some stone age inspired artwork.

Understanding our Health and Well-Being

PE:  we will continue swimming this term and also playing tennis, focusing on moving appropriately in game situations as well as throwing and catching skills

PSHCE: we will be learning about ‘Dreams and Goals’ and how to decide our own steps to success.