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  • Our teacher is Mr Burd
  • Our teaching assistants are Mrs Howell, Mrs Shiels and Mrs Barrett
  • Our Rights Respecting Schools Rep is Cosan
  • Our Eco Schools Rep is Charlie
  • Our School Council Rep is Olivia


Our topic for this term is Oceans, ink and stars.

Big Reading        

We will be studying the book The Girl of Ink and Stars.

This year we will be working on small reading activities called Mini Missions in Big Reading. These Mini Missions will focus on key reading skills such as deduction, inference and understanding the writer’s viewpoint which will help you to answer comprehension questions at a much deeper level. You will read with an adult at least once a week focusing on key targets.  

We do expect you to read at home every day and write it in your diaries which will be checked every Friday. Remember reading every day always earns stickers and a weekly reader’s award.


We are taking part in our whole school project based on The Spider and the Fly.

We will be writing persuasive letters to the fly from different characters.

The Girl of Ink and Stars will then be our rich text for the term. We will be reviewing different narrative techniques that authors use and writing a range of narratives.

Grammar: We will be revising our word classes and learning how to use parentheses and semi-colons in writing.

Spellings: We will be revising spelling strategies from KS2 and working on our personal spelling lists.


Big Maths – daily focus on key number skills.

We have mixed up into maths groups across the year group which the children are really enjoying.

We will be learning to use formal written methods for long multiplication and long division. We will tackle a range of problems to apply our skills in different contexts. We will also learn the order of operations using BIDMAS.

In geometry, we will be revising properties of shape (including angles) and ensuring we are confident with the vocabulary needed.

We will also be enjoying fluency activities during our Maths Week.

  • Looking to boost your mental maths skills? These daily10 challenges are fab as you can select your level, topic and time intervals.

Scientific and Technological Understanding

We will be learning about living things and their habitats, including classification into broad groups like micro-organisms, plants and animals.


We will be exploring economic activity and trade links and look at the distribution of natural resources.


We will be learning about the themes of identifying and belonging, worship and reflection.

  Understanding the Arts


We will be using the garage band app for our own compositions. We will explore details of music using appropriate musical terminology and compose with a focus on the inter-related dimensions of music.

Understanding Physical Development, Health and Well-being


In rugby, children will practise their throwing and catching skills as well as learning the rules for the game.

In athletics, we will be developing pace skills in running and distance skills in throwing. 


We will be learning about setting goals to improve things for our self and the world around us. 

Other subjects


Numbers and Family.


We will be creating a revision app using the Scratch programme. We will use algorithms and coding.

Class charter

As part of being a Rights Respecting School, in Rockies we developed our own class charter agreeing rights we should be entitled to in school. We also agreed on a list of responsibilities that every person should follow.

Awards Page


Star of the Week


Milly B




Star Reader


Olivia D




Star Mathematician


Charlie D


Lunchtime Star


Ledjon C


See Year 6 page for the homework.

If you have any questions regarding homework please do not hesitate to come to school and ask. If you are struggling with your homework, members of staff are available to help during break and lunch time and can help guide you.

Homework is due each Thursday and if left incomplete students will be asked to complete it during their free time in school. If students are struggling with their homework, they can work with Mr Burd during Thursday lunchtime.

We are often asked how children can be helped at home to prepare for their SATs tests. One popular method is to look through some old papers together. You can find a selection of these at the link below. Please do not try and do a whole test in one go - a couple of questions every so often is good enough!

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