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    Welcome to Reception!

    The teachers in this year group are:

    Miss Aulsberry - Squirrels

    Miss Duffett- Moles

    Miss White - Hedgehogs


    Welcome to Reception!

    Over the year, we will be using our web page to share with our families and friends all of the fun and exciting things that we do at school to help create your confident little learners. This is a great way for your child to relive these special events at home and to tell you all about the things that they have learnt at school.  

    We will also share with you our homework challenges that we will be setting throughout the year so please make sure you check our page regularly. We will also display this information in our classroom notice window to ensure everyone doesn’t miss out.

    At the beginning of their school year, your child will come home with their beloved book bag. The children learn to treasure these and love to show us their custom accessories from week to week that they choose to add to their handles. In these book bags, your child will be provided with a ‘monkey book’ where both the adults at school and home will record their reading progress, a reading book which will initially consist of a picture book for the first few weeks and a Home Learning book. This Home Learning Book gives your child the opportunity to fill it with fun and exciting experiences that they will have with you at home. You may want to include pictures of a day out together or of a new skill such as riding a bike or cooking that they have learnt. We will also include termly homework challenges for you to complete and record within this book.

    During the year, we have great fun planning and organising interactive WOW days where we will provide hands on experiences for your child to develop their love for learning and really sink their teeth into a new exciting topic. Information for these days will be sent to you when necessary so please keep an eye out for this information on our web page, the school newsletter and class noticeboard for further information.

    In Reception, we do take part in regular PE sessions so we do ask that you provide your child with a full PE kit from day one. This will be given back to you each half term in order for you to clean and return during the beginning of the following term. We do ask that you provide your child with outside shoes, preferable Velcro trainers that are suitable for all weathers. I would not advise buying new ones as I can assure you they will become very scuffed and worn through their exploratory learning.

    All of the staff within the Reception team are very approachable and we want to ensure you that our door is always open for you to arrange an appointment to meet with either the class teacher or Year Group Leader (Miss Aulsberry) to discuss your childs needs. No concern is too small and we are more than happy to support your child in any way we can.

    We look forward to another great year in Reception and to sharing with you the fantastic learning opportunities that we all take part in along our journey together.


    All the best,


    The Reception team.


    The Early Years Foundation Stage Framework

    The Early Years Foundation Stage (EYFS) is the stage of learning from birth to 5 years old.  We follow our own unique curriculum that promotes active learning across seven specified areas. Our aim is to foster engagement, motivation and thinking skills in order to support every child in becoming a lifelong learner.

    The EYFS Framework is our statutory document. This outlines a set of standards for learning, development and care of children during the early years of their life. All schools and Ofsted-registered early years providers must follow the EYFS Framework.

    Below is the link to the latest updated version.

    EYFS Statutory Framework


    The EYFS Curriculum and us!

    In Reception we use EYFS framework of 7 key areas of learning to build our own creative curriculum based around the children’s interests. Our aim is to foster engagement, motivation and thinking skills in order to support every child in becoming a lifelong learner.

    Details of the skills that we will cover each half term are listed on each classes page.

    Our Learning Environment

    When developing our learning environment, we will continually enhance and adapt from the children's interests. We have many exciting areas for the children to access throughout the classrooms including a mud kitchen, an investigation area and a real woodwork bench! Please take a look at the photos of our learning environment. 

    A Normal Day in Reception

    In Reception, we like to think that each day is anything but normal! However, there are certain things that happen every day so the children (and the adults!) know what to expect and have a routine to follow. Have a look below at the example timetable of a typical day in Reception, and a description of why we do the things we do!

    Busy Fingers Busy Fingers happens at the start of every day. This involves a range of activities that get us engaged and ready to learn, whilst helping us to develop our fine motor skills. This will help us to get ready to write!
    Calendar & Phonics We then move on to Calendar, where we get a chance to talk about days of the week, months of the year and what is going to be happening in the classroom each day. In addition, we love to sing songs and do dances to support our learning. Then we have fun Phonics sessions, and follow the Letters and Sounds scheme of work.
    Guided Group Session This is when we work together with the teacher on our learning. We will find out about lots of new things and do plenty of fun activities.
    Play and Learn (and Snack) Play and Learn is when we are able to access the reception environment independently. Our adults set up activities that promote learning across the 7 areas of learning and we get a chance to achieve our personal targets. 
    Lunchtime The mid day supervisors are very kind and helpful and will help your child to choose a well-rounded healthy lunch. There are always plenty of options and friendly staff on hand to help.
    Guided Group Session This is when we work together with the teacher on our learning. We will find out about lots of new things and do plenty of fun activities.
    Play and Learn Play and Learn is when we are able to access the reception environment independently. Our adults set up activities that promote learning across the 7 areas of learning and we get a chance to achieve our personal targets.
    Hometime We start to tidy up and get ready to go home together, before putting our coats on and handing out any letters. Then we have time for a story or chat session before the end of the day.


    At Peartree we aim to hear as many children as possible read every day. Mrs Baldwin comes into class every morning and hears roughly half the class and the rest are heard by an adult in the classroom. We will sign their Reading Records (commonly called Monkey Books) and write a comment about their progress.

    We ask that you endeavour to hear your child read every night at home and sign their Reading Records. You can comment on things that your child has done well, or something they may have needed support with.


    Things to look forward to!

    We are keen for parents to experience their child’s learning as frequently as possible. When we feel that the children are settled into life in Reception, we would like to invite you into class every Thursday morning to work with your child on their morning activities.

    We also invite you in to review your child’s Learning Journey at the end of every term and encourage you to share any achievements outside of school using our WOW sheets. Please not that Learning Journeys are available for you to view at any time – please speak to your class teacher if would like to come and have a look at any point.



    We ask that you make sure that your child has a pair of trainers in their shoe bag to wear when we go outside during the school day. Please make sure that they DO NOT have laces unless your child can tie them themselves. Also, plimsolls are not recommended as they are not sturdy enough for the vigorous usage your child will be putting them through!

    We usually have PE once a week but the days are subject to change. Because of this, if you wish to take your child’s PE kit home, we ask that it goes home on a Friday and comes back to school on Monday.

    Please make sure that you check the classroom window for notices and events. We also often send home letters about things that are going on in school so please check your book-bags regularly.

    A final plea – please can you ensure that EVERY item of clothing that your child brings into school has their name in it – this will save a lot of time and stress throughout the year!