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Welcome to Rainforest Class

This page will be regularly updated for the parents and pupils of Rainforest class. If you do have any questions or concerns, please speak to Mr Spendlove on the playground at the beginning of the day.

Our teacher is Mr Spendlove

Our Teaching Assistants are Mrs Hossen, Mrs Tyack, Mrs Stanton and Mrs Brunsden.

Curriculum information


Narrative: we will explore a range of traditional tales and write our own version of one; we will also describe a volcanic eruption using descriptive imagery

Poetry:  we will read a wide range of limericks and write several of our own

Recount: we will explore features of recounts and write our own

Non-Chronological Report:  we will present our findings about volcanoes in a report format

Grammar: -adverbs used as openers (first, next etc); syllables and rhyme; paragraphs; inverted commas for direct speech; using conjunctions to express time, place and cause; headings and subheadings

Spelling: colours; suffixes (-s, -es, -er, -ed, -ing); prefixes (dis-, un); 20 words from statutory list; ei, homophones

We will also be reading a range of rich texts that link to our topic


Number Fluency – counting on and back in 10s and 1s; mental addition and subtraction; fact families; applying inverse

Exploring Place Value – review, estimation, rounding, magnitude

Measures – exploring quantity through practical activities; angles

Big Maths – challenges every week

Understanding Science and Technology

Science: we will be investigating light, including reflection, shadows, how we see, darkness and safety

DT:  we will apply our science learning to make shadow puppets and evaluate their effectiveness

Computing:  we will be using search engines to research our topic and use a range of software to present our work for different purposes

Understanding the World

Geography: we will be exploring volcanoes through a natural disasters project, including map work

History:  we will learn facts about infamous volcanic eruptions and discuss the impact for people involved 

RE:  we will be exploring Hindu and Christian festivals, traditions and key events

Spanish:  we will be practising colours and simple introductions

Understanding Arts and Culture

Art: we will explore printing techniques through the art of Hokusai and develop our colour mixing skills using Spanish vocabulary

Music: we will listen to music inspired by our topic and explore how light can be musically represented as calm and peaceful or fiery and angry 

Understanding our Health and Well-Being

PE:  we will be swimming this term and also playing tag rugby, focusing on moving appropriately in game situations as well as throwing and catching skills

PSHCE: we will be learning about ‘Being Me in My Own World’ and discussing how to face challenges


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As a class, we elected students to represent us in school meetings. They help decide what happens in school. If we have any extra wishes or worries, we can put them in the wish box and the worry box in class.

Our School Council Representative is yet to be elected!

Our Eco Council Representative is yet to be elected!

Our Rights Respecting School Representative is yet to be elected!