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Welcome to Rainforest Class

This page will be regularly updated for the parents and pupils of Rainforest class. If you do have any questions or concerns, please speak to Mr Spendlove on the playground at the beginning of the day.

Our teacher is Mr Spendlove

Our Teaching Assistants are Mrs Copping, Mrs Tyack, Mrs Hossen, Mrs Hill and Mrs Stanton.

Curriculum information


We will learn key features of recounts and reports and draft our own non-fiction reports. We will study the forms of different poetry (Haiku, Kenning and Tanka) and create our own. We will study reimagined fairy tales and write our own twisted tales inspired by the work of Roald Dahl


We will build our fluency working with multiplication and division using the 2, 3, 4, 5 and 8 times tables. We will use multiplication and division to solve problems written in words and draw diagrams and make jottings to prove our answers. We will learn to plot pictograms and scaled bar charts. 


We will study light and its interactions with the world around us. We will look at reflections and how different objects create different shadows. 


We will study the introduction of the railway to Britain and how it impacted our local area. 


We will study European countries and cities and create presentations about them.


We will continue working with Scratch and create our own interactive quizzes using variables to track the score. 

Art and Design

We will study the techniques used to create shade using pencil and practise using shading to make 2d images look 3d. 

Design Technology

This term we will taste some of the natural foods eaten during the Stone Age and create our own delicious, healthy snacks.

Modern Foreign Languages

We will learn the Spanish alphabet and use this to help us understand spelling in Spanish. We will learn how to ask and answer simple questions. 


n PE we will continue swimming this term. This will continue until the end of the Spring term. Rainforest Class are swimming on Thursdays. We will work on balance and movement through gymnastics and ball skills in tennis. 


We will continue to practise reading simple rhythms using staff notation. 


We will study the places of worship used in Islam and Christianity. We will ask questions about how these places contribute to religious beliefs and practises.


Star Learners Name of Learner
Star of the Week Jack S
Maths Star Lawrence N
Star Reader Oliver P
Lunchtime Star Jasmine S


As a class, we elected students to represent us in school meetings. They help decide what happens in school. If we have any extra wishes or worries, we can put them in the wish box and the worry box in class.

Our School Council Representative is Jack S

Our Eco Council Representative is Harry R

Our Rights Respecting School Representative is Sophie D