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Welcome to Java!

Our teacher is Miss Evans.

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School Council: Imogen

Eco: George

Rights Respecting School: Jaisey


Our topic this term is:

Myths and Legends

We will be focusing lots of our learning around the exciting and engaging legends of Ancient Greece this term. We will find out about Greek history and how it has influenced the western world. We will research key figures including Alexander the Great and use our artistic skills to create clay busts of the great leader. We will earn about Greek like and compare it to modern Greece. Later in the term we will be learning about biomes and we will be able to identify key features of different biomes including that of Greece.

We will be using lots of really exciting texts this term to inspire our own writing. To develop our own persuasive techniques in our writing we will be taking inspiration from the famous poem The Spider and the Fly. We will also use this in our computing project to make our own stop motion animation film clips. To inspire our stroy writing we are going to be reading the legend of Odysseus with all of its exciting twists and turns! 

After half term we use the beautiful book, Tell Me a Dragon to help us develop our own figurative language to write poetry. We will then be using a fantastic non-fiction text about biomes as we attempt to write our own reports! We will develop our use of punctuation such as semi-colons, dashes and colons and we will continue to master using relative clauses, fronted adverbials and expanded noun phrases.


In Maths this term, we will be continuing in our quest to climb the rockstar ladder by improving our times table recall. We will be using our skills of calculation to solve problems including all four operations. We will begin to link our knowledge of fractions and decimals to percentages and then solve problems with percentages including converting them and finding percentages of amounts using visual representations. We will also be converting between different units of measure using our knowledge of multiplying and dividing by 10, 100 and 1000 and finding the perimeter and area of rectilinear shapes. Later in the term, we will be looking at volume and capacity as well as translation and reflection of shapes in a quadrant and angles.

Everyday in class, we will be working in our guided reading groups and reading our own Accelerated Reader books. We will continue to focus on five key words each week to help us develop a deep understanding of new vocabulary. To help us read aloud and with intonation, we will practise echo reading every day and will use exciting and rich texts to help us enjoy reading. When we have finished a book we will have the opportunity to complete a quiz on it to assess our understanding of what we have read.


We will be having PE every Monday and Friday. We will be developing our skills in invasion games and learning how to work well as a team to build tactics in a competitive game. We will also be developing our throwing and catching skills in tag rugby and our balance and movement in gymnastics.

This term we will be learning about Animals including humans and properties and changes of materials. We will learn about the different stages of the human lifecyle and key changes that occur. We will learn about old age and debunk some of the myths surrounding this stage of life. 
When we reach Science Week in March, we will be learning about the properties of materials and changes in materials.  We will be experimenting with dissolving, understanding how to separate different mixtures with various techniques and reversible and irreversible changes to materials.




In February, we were very lucky to have Abigail visit us for one of our Dreamcatcher Assemblies. She talked to us about her career in theatre and her amazing achievements. She told us how she achieved her dreams and about the hard work she has to put in. We then got to have a workshop with her and she taught us a performance dance from one of her shows! It was really good fun!


In the Autumn term we had a brilliant time at Airbus in Stevenage. We built rockets, learnt about the stories of the stars and programmed our own rovers to race!