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What is a JTA?

Their job is to make travelling to school safer and more active and help their peers get ready for the journey to secondary school which most children do alone. 

Our school has an Active Travel Policy and their role is to promote active travel and all its benefits.



Shortly we will ask  the children in Year 5 if they want to apply for the role of JTA. They will have to complete an application form explaining why they will be good at the role. Barbara, our local Road Safety Officer, will select the six most persuasive applicants.

​Our JTAs from last year will train up this year's JTAs so their role hasn't come to an end just yet.

  • Ellie K and Abigail in Alps
  • Chloe and Elise in Rockies
  • Emily and Emma-Louise in Pyrenees
Their work

After being appointed, the JTAs wanted to get to work building their role and instilling the importance of safe travel within our school. They decided that they needed a display board at school to provide children with key travel messages. They set a homework task for the whole school so they could gather some work for their display board.




Work carried out by our JTAs last year

Walk to School Week

As a build up to "Walk to School Week" our JTAs are trying to promote healthy and active living.

They are also looking at safe and sustainable travel and are trying to stop the congestion on the road and parents having they engines on when parked to drop off their kids in hope that this will reduce emission and stop pollution around our school. 
We conducted a survey to gather as much information as we can about:
  • Children walking to school
  • Cars parked unsafely
  • Children riding bikes or using scooters
They were pleased with the results and it has given them lots of ideas for moving towards helping make our school a more active travel friendly place.
JTA Award


Bling your bike, poster competitions, assemblies on road safety, encouraging drivers to switch off their engine and actively supporting Clean Air Day and Walk to School Week were all initiatives undertaken by busy Junior Travel Ambassadors at Hertfordshire Primary Schools.

 The Road Safety Team hosted an event for the fabulous Junior Travel Ambassadors (JTAs) and all their work over the past school year was celebrated at County Hall on the afternoon of Wednesday 5 July. Fourteen schools took part and JTAs from Peartree Spring and St Vincent de Paul presented the work they had accomplished over the past school year. The passion and enthusiasm was evident as students told the audience how keen they had been to become JTAs so that they could make the roads around their schools safer and encourage active travel to school. They were more than ready to give a wealth of advice to next year’s JTAs.

Betsy the active travel dinosaur made an appearance to thank all the JTAs with high fives and hugs and a dinosaur stomp around the room. County Councillor Phil Bibby appreciated the enthusiasm, graft and creativity that the JTAs had put into their roles at all the different schools. He thanked all the children and schools for all the work they had put into encouraging active travel to school helping to reduce congestion and improve the environment around  the school gate. The children also worked within the schools promoting road safety to their peers.