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Category of Governor

Appointing Body   

Term of Office 

CommitteePosition of ResponsibilityBusiness Interests
Miss Pauline Foley StaffSchool Community1/9/14 to 31/8/18

School Improvement


Mrs Janet Raynor COP LEA1/9/14 to 31/8/18School Improvement

History / DT / Geography Governor

Mrs Teresa Skeggs HeadteacherSchool Community 1/1/14


School Improvement 

Miss Caroline Freimanis Local AuthorityPeartree Spring Primary School16/7/17 to 15/7/21School Improvement Chair of Governors Science / Art Link Governor None
Mrs Lindsay Basta COPPeartree Spring Primary School23/7/17 to 22/7/21Resources

Vice-Chair of Governors

ICT / E-Safety / Early Years / PE Link Governor

Governor Development Co-ordinator

Sports Premium Link Governor

Miss Charlotte NashParentPeartree Spring Primary School
Mrs Kim Taylor StaffSchool Community18/11/15 to 17/11/19

School Improvement


Mrs Kerry FergusonCOPPeartree Spring Primary School07/12/18 to 06/12/22   None

Ms Neena


COPPeartree Spring Primary School1/12/17 to 30/11/21   None
Ms Tracie BereCOP

Peartree Spring Primary School

16/7/18 to 15/7/22   HCL
Mrs Angharad PatersonParentPeartree Spring Primary School    
Mrs Anne Weaver Associate MemberSchool Community1/1/15   None
Mrs Maria NewhouseAssociate MemberPeartree Spring Pimary School1/9/17 to 31/8/21    None
Miss Hollie Common Clerk to GB     


As a team we have responsibility for raising the school’s standards through three key roles of setting strategic direction, ensuring accountability and monitoring & evaluating school performance. This is done through a number of elements outlined below and through discussions in the Full Governing Body Meetings.

The Full Governing Body meet termly throughout the school year. Members of the Senior Leadership Team also attend these meetings and the governors may invite any other members of staff to attend their meetings where specific topic areas are being discussed, such as finances or Health & Safety.

What do governors do?

We have a responsibility to monitor the school budget and the school improvement plan, which is managed by the school. Each governor has at least one linked priority on the school improvement plan and will meet with the priority lead once a term to understand and track progress of this, as outlined within the school improvement plan.

Governors often visit Peartree Spring to view class or whole school assemblies, sports days, school council meetings and other events throughout the school year. After each visit a report is written highlighting the experiences of the governor during the visit.

The Full Governing Body also reviews progress data from across the school to ensure that all pupils are Peartree Spring are progressing to the best of their abilities.

Many of the governors may have little or no background in education which allows us to hold the role of a critical friend to the school, asking such questions as:  What was the impact of that?  How could that be improved?  -  this also gives a good opportunity to increase the wealth of experience and knowledge within the school.

Governors also review future plans and large expenditure for the school, such as potential new building works or improvements to the current facilities.