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At Peartree Spring, we have a large number of children involved in our Buddy System. This is a role where the children volunteer to help other children across the school.

The aim of the buddies is to ensure that all children can enjoy their break and lunch times knowing that there will always be people on hand to help and play with. 

All the Key Stage Two children were given the opportunity to apply to become a Buddy. They become responsible for setting up and organising activities and games on the key stage two playground as well as supporting their peers during playtimes. We have recently invested in a new range of playground equipment and games, so the Buddies will be running activities such as ten-pin bowling, hula hooping, giant Jenga competitions and giant snakes and ladders. 

They wear a high visibility jacket so they can be easily spotted from across the playground.

Our buddies are chosen especially after completing an application form explaining why they deserve the job and how they would make a good buddy.

If you think that you would like to become a buddy for your class, then go and speak to Miss Palmer, she would love to hear from you. In the meantime, check out our Buddy Board in Year 5 to see what we get up to!


zone managers


We also have a new playground system of ‘Zones’ where different 

play-based activities take place. For example there is a ‘Make Believe Zone’ and ‘Singing and Dancing Zone’.

Each Zone has a manager who helps to make sure each activity is run smoothly and fairly. They are also responsible for setting up the activity and encouraging their peers to join in. 

Dining Room Buddies

The Class Reps also volunteer to help during busy sittings in the Key Stage One dining room. On top of this, they lend a helping hand in each Reception class, to help the children get their outdoor shoes and clothes on ready for their playtime.