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World Explorers

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English and Big Reading



We will start the term by exploring persuasive texts, identifying features and themes. We will learn the difference between fact and opinion and how to include them in our writing to help persuade the reader.


We will use our new spelling scheme to support the learning of Year 4 spelling words and new spelling rules.




We will be focusing on these mathematical concepts:

•Multiplication and division facts in the context of time and measurement.
•Place Value.
• We will also continue to work in our CLIC groups to support mental maths skill and plug individual gaps to accelerate progress.


In Big maths/CLIC sessions we will focus on the following concepts;

•Counting in multiples of 4, 6, 7, 9, 25 and 1000

•Multiplication and division facts (times tables).


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Scientific and Technological Understanding

We will be learning all about electricity! We will explore how it is produced, used and its dangers. We will make our own circuits using a range of equipment and find faults in our circuits. We will then create our own switches and learn how different switches are used for different things.




Understanding the Arts

In Art we will be designing colourful Viking warrior shields and choose our favourite design. We will then create the shields, using sewing and joining skills.


In Music and Computing, we will be learning how to create  rhythmic Viking rowing chants using Garage Band.



Historical, Geographical and Social Understanding

We will name and locate countries and cities in Europe, including the UK, and investigate their human and physical features. We will also look at how these features create habitats for some of the world’s rarest animals.



Understanding Physical Development, Health and Well-being


We will be learning a wide range of outdoor games, using a range of throwing, catching and aiming skills.  







In Spanish we will learn how to say a range of animals and ask simple questions about our pets. We will then learn how to speak about our family. We will also try and add in some Spanish to our weather broadcast.

Understanding Physical Development, Health and Well-being

We will be playing a variety of ball games this term and developing our hand eye coordination skills. We will also be creating sequences in Gymnastics that include weight bearing balances, jumping and smooth transitions.


In PSHCE we will be looking at ‘Being Me in My World’ topic.  We will be thinking about our dreams and goals.


R.E. We will be learning about sacred books.








Class charter


As part of being a Rights Respecting School, in Amazon we developed our own class charter agreeing rights we should be entitled to in school. We also agreed on a list of responsibilities that every person should follow.

Our Class Representatives 

We will vote for our class representatives in the Autumn Term.

School Council: 

Eco Council:


Star Learners

Star of the week:



Reading Star:


Maths Star:


Lunchtime Star:






Spellings will be sent home once every fortnight before the children are tested on Friday.